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Tips for fresher to find job

Tips for fresher to find job

Search for jobThe post- graduate job search doesn’t always come easy for many college graduate. College graduate who are entering the job market may feel discouraged about find employment after college.

Don’t spend your time dwelling in your post-graduate blues. Get motivated and make it your goal to become gainfully employed with these job search tips:


1. Customize your resume and cover letter.

Make yourself stand out in the job market by perfecting your resume and cover letter this summer. When applying for jobs, pay special attention to the employer’s requirements and try to tailor your application to the open position. Employers want to see specific accomplishments that make you a valuable candidate. If you take the time to personalize your resume to each job application, you will improve your chances of landing an interview.


2. Attend informational interviews.

Graduate internThis is a great opportunity for you to reach out to your networks and start building relationships with people in your industry. If you didn’t attend informational interviews while in college, it’s a good idea to start this summer. College grads who take the time to attend informational interviews will be able to connect with professionals in their industry and learn about more opportunities in their field.


3. Network with alum.

Alumni are a great group of people to reach out to if you are looking for job opportunities. If you are searching for a job in a particular area, chances are you can find someone you went to school with who will have a connection in your desired field.


4. When in doubt, find an internship. 

Whatever you do this summer, don’t take time off from developing your career. No matter how many internships you completed as a college student, if you have yet to land a job, apply for post-graduate internships! This will help you continue to gain valuable experience and even help you land a job.


5. Be persistent.

During your job search, never give up on the jobs you really want. If there is a company you desire to work for, put in the extra effort to follow-up on your Imageapplication and network with their company. It’s important for college grads to be persistent during their job search in order to stand out in the job market.

While the job market may seek like a scary place for college grads, make sure you are optimistic and confident about your job search. If you follow these tips and put forth the extra effort, you will land a job. Remember, it’s about making the most of your networks and being persistent with your job search. The job market is waiting for you, but you must be proactive and make opportunities happen!

What advice do you have for college grads who are looking for employment after graduation?

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