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Partnership for Performance

The management of performance development is a shared process between supervisor and staff and is based on objectives and indicators, achievements and individual development plans. The successful implementation of a performance development process is crucial to attain and sustain excellence, to validate selection and to help staff understand and take responsibility for their performance.

Performance Development Framework Cycle

The Performance Development Framework Cycle consists of four components:

  • Performance Development Planning
  • Ongoing Discussions
  • Performance Development Review
  • Reward and Recognition


Performance Development Planning

Performance Development Planning is the first component of the cycle. During the planning stage the supervisor and staff member discuss the elements of a Performance Development Plan. At this discussion the following things need to be addressed:

  • performance expectations;
  • objectives and indicators;
  • development needs and timeframes.

These aspects should be aligned with the staff member’s position description, the operational plan of the local area and the organizations strategic plan and goals.

The staff member is responsible for writing the Performance Development Plan. The supervisor needs to agree and support the written plan.

As a guide, six to eight key objectives for a twelve-month period are recommended. Ongoing discussions are important when setting objectives because many factors (staffing levels, workloads or different work conditions, for example) can affect achievement.

Ongoing Discussions

Discussions about performance should be regarded as an integral part of the continuing process of performance development. Frequent discussions will help ensure that staff receive ongoing guidance, support, coaching and encouragement.

The following things should be included in Ongoing Discussions:

  • Discussions on progress of the objectives;
  • Provision of support and coaching to staff member where needed;
  • Updating objectives if necessary;
  • Adjustments of development activities where necessary;
  • Provision of feedback on performance.

Performance Development Review

The Performance Development Review is the basis for assessing overall performance of the preceding period. In an ideal world there should be no surprises at the review since performance issues have been discussed as they arise during the performance period. The objectives and performance indicators will have been clearly documented and feedback continuous. The value of intense and purposeful interaction between a supervisor and staff member should not be underestimated.

A formal performance review is due one year from commencement and should be undertaken at least once during each year. The structured performance development review relies on a formal discussion and performance rating.

The discussion should take into account all of the following:

  • the whole range of the agreed performance objectives set for the review period;
  • factors which influenced performance;
  • performance over the whole review period;
  • the relevant position description;
  • revision of the role and/or responsibilities;
  • comments from significant clients or, if the staff member reported to another supervisor during the period under review, comments from the previous supervisor;
  • development activities undertaken;
  • career aspirations; and
  • the overall performance rating.

The discussion should take into account such issues as overall research plans and/or teaching goals, quality of service, resource management and behavioural capabilities. Staff and supervisor should collect evidence to support their discussions.

About the ratings

At the completion of the performance review cycle the supervisor must make an assessment of the staff member’s performance and apply a rating. The rating scale is as follows:


Demonstration of performance consistently exceeding expectations. The consistently high standard has earned recognition by others internal and/or external to the Organization.

Very Good

Overall demonstration of consistent and sustained performance with all objectives being met and many being exceeded.


Overall demonstration of consistent and sustained performance with all objectives being met and some being exceeded.


Performance in most areas met the requirements of the position whilst other missed by a small margin.


Performance and/or behaviour falls short of the required standard.

The assessment of performance must be based on each of the performance components and the agreed outcomes and indicators.

Reward & Recognition

The overall performance rating is linked to other organization processes and it is important for supervisors to be aware of these both for planning and recognition purposes. These are outlined  as per company policy,


Through Themis supervisors are required to enter the performance rating for staff members before the end of the PDF cycle. The rating will determine if eligible staff will be awarded an increment. Staff that have reached their increment ceiling are not eligible for an increment. Any rating of ?Satisfactory? or higher will automatically award increments to eligible staff from their anniversary date.

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