Field of HRD

Field of HRD – Concepts, Goals, Challenges



1. Byers & Rue: “HRM is the function facilitating the most effective use of people to achieve both organisational and individual goals”

2. Michael Jucious: “HRM is that field of management which deals with planning, organising & controlling the functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilising a labour force such that organisational & individual goals are fulfilled”

HRM is process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensating employees such that they are motivated to achieve both the organisational and individual goals

Importance of Human Resources can be discussed at four levels:

–      Corporate

•           HRM can help an enterprise in the following ways:

•          Attracting talent through effective HRP

•          Developing necessary skills & attitude with training

•          Securing cooperation through motivation

•          Retaining talent through the right policies

–        Professional

•          HRM helps improve quality of work life and contributes to growth in the following ways:

•          Opportunities for personal development

•          Motivating work environment

•          Proper allocation of work

•          Healthy relationships between individuals & groups

–        Social

•          Society benefits from good HRM in many ways:

•          Good employment opportunities

•          Development of human capital

•          Generation of income & consumption

•          Better lifestyles

–        National

•          Drivers of development of a country

•     Deliver economic growth

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