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Tips for HR professionals to attend interview

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Tips for HR professionals to attend interview

1.      What do you think are the key qualities for Human Resources professionals?

Handling confidentiality is important. In the HR department, you have access to highly confidential information. I have had to hold onto some very important information regarding employees’ futures, which I could not share. The employees also need to trust the HR professionals. Employees have confided personal information to me, and it would have been  devastating if I had violated their trust. I have an excellent reputation, which employees from  my last company could verify. Being productive, busy and available are the main responsibilities of a human resources professional. If there are no problems to be handled, proactive work can be done. I like learning new things, and I am always looking for new ways to work smarter. I am really interested in finding challenge in my work.
It really depends on whom I am working for. I work as a right-hand man. I try to read my boss’s mind and see things before she does. I have been able to earn trust by doing this. I am very loyal to whatever group or individual I work with by trying to be a good team player.

This is the best answer because it gives reasons and examples regarding the answer It also gives  information about past work experience and what others would say. It also shows good communication skills in your dealings with others.

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths are that I am reliable and dependable. I am also a hardworker. My weakness is that I get impatient when other employees don’t get their work completed on time, because it affects my work.
I don’t really have any weakness that I can think of. Maybe I could use some more computer training. My strengths are probably in my ability to deal with difficult people. I usually don’t get upset easily, even when I’ve had to handle some difficult and confrontational situations. I am fairly easygoing.
My strengths lie in my ability to be flexible. I’ve seen companies go through many changes in structure and management philosophy, and I’ve had to adjust my style to a new environment several times. As far as weaknesses, I really enjoy my work, and sometimes I put in too much time. But, by being aware of my tendency to overwork, I have learned to pace myself more and work smarter.


3. Do you have any questions? (Usually asked by the interviewer at the end of the interview.)

No, not really. You seemed to have covered all the basics, and I have researched the company, so I don’t have any at this time.  I was wondering about benefits and when they would go into effect.
Yes, I do. What would you say is the best thing about working for this company? How is the human resources department viewed in this company? You asked me about working extra hours; is that the norm or the exception?

4. What is your past experience in human resources?

My background and experience include working on a variety of projects in human resources departments. Most of my experience has been behind the scenes, doing compensations work. I now want to work more with people, and continue to grow and be challenged.
For the past eight years, I have been working in human resources. I have a solid understanding of HR procedures because of a certificate program I completed. I’m very tolerant of people and have been told that this is one of my strengths. I feel I have a lot to offer as a team member.
Since I’m not sure what this job involves, I’m not sure what part of my background applies. I have worked in HR for a number of years. I like working with people and have been successful in all the jobs I’ve held. I haven’t really found a job that has held my interest, and I know your job would be both a challenge and an opportunity for me to develop.

5.Tell me about yourself and your past experience.

I was born and grew up in Mumbai. I got married and raised my family. As my kids got older, I started taking courses toward a BA. When I completed my degree, I was offered an opportunity working for a large company as a human resources representative. I’ve worked there for eight years and have been promoted twice. I’m now looking for something challenging. I like the idea of a startup opportunity and have a desire to be in on the ground floor. I’ve always been good at, and liked, working with people. I get along with almost everybody. I earned a degree in sociology, which made me more interested in people. I’ve worked in different companies in a variety of situations and have received excellent performance reviews. I am a hardworker who works well under pressure.


6. Why did you leave your last position?

The company went through a reorganization, and I was one of 50 people who was let go. We could see the handwriting on the wall beforehand. Things had started to deteriorate, and they had begun to cut back on some of our benefits. I probably would have left anyway.
I’m not finding the job as interesting as I used to. I’ve been dealing with the same issues for a long time. I want to find a job that is stimulating, where I can grow and be challenged. I’m looking for job satisfaction. I want to have more balance in my life.

I’ve set some goals for myself and my career, but unfortunately, there are no advancement opportunities in my current company. I have begun to explore options available before I spend too much time in a job where I cannot advance. My goal is to continue to improve myself so that I can be a stronger contributor.
I have had so many difficult assignments so it is difficult for me to tell you about just one in particular. I work with every level of employee, everyday. I just try to prioritize and keep up with the problems that come in. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way anybody wants it to, but we have to follow policy first and foremost.
We had to design a new performance appraisal system. We spent many hours, including nights and weekends. We had to design, get input and redesign. The process was very tedious. Then we had to put together a training program, which involved even more extra hours and effort. It was a huge project.

7. What are your salary expectations?

I was drawing 60,000 at my last job. I was due for a raise, so I would expect at least that and a 20 to 30 percent increase. Really need more information about the job before we start to discuss salary. I’d like to postpone that discussion until later. Could you tell me what is budgeted for the position?
I’m sure whatever you offer will be a fair amount for a person with my qualifications. Salary is not the most important factor to me. I’m looking for opportunity.

Note: This is a guidelines for facing the interview and answering the simple but difficult to response questions. Be genuine to your answer and replies.


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