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Concepts of Human resource audit

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Concepts of Human resource audit




Audit is an important test of managerial control. It involves examination and verification of accounts and records. Human resource audit implies critical examination and evaluation of policies, programs and procedures in the area HR

HR audit involves formal, systematic and in-depth  analysis investigation and comparison.


–          To review the system of acquiring developing allocating and utilizing human resource in the organization

–          Evaluate the extent to which the managers  have implemented the policies and programmes  initiated by top management.

–          To identify short coming in the management of human resources.

–          To evaluate the human resource staff.


–          A change has taken place in managerial philosophy. Employee participation is essential for successful making of the organization.

–          Continuous feedback is necessary for their improvement. It is all the more necessary in a diversified and decentralized organization.

–          Management can meet this challenge through human resource audit.

–          Audit is necessary for labours – increase in labour cost increases opportunities for competitive advantage in HR.

–          HR audit is required to tackle many problem, women employee, professional, technical.


Benefits of HR audit

–          Identification of the achievement of organization objective.

–          Improvement of the professional usage of the department

–          Clarification of HR department, duties and responsibilities.

–          Encourage members to do work effectively

–          Stimulation of HR policies and practices

–          Finding critical human resource problems

–          Ensuring timely compliance with legal requirement

–          Reduction of HR costs through more effective procedure

–          Creation of increases acceptance of the necessary changes in HR department.


Areas of HR audit

–          Mission statement relating to HR

–          Objectives, goals and strategies of HRM

–          Accomplishment of human resource management

–          Detailed practice and procedures

–          Policies

–          Philosophy ,its practice and values

–          Response of employees, trade unions and government to the practice and achievement.

–          Role of HR in total quality management

–          Role of HR in achieving organization mission, vision, goal and strategies ( planning, scheduling, Human resource needs ).



Empowerment -allowing a person to run the show by himself. Self directed and self controlled.       

Characteristics of empowered organization

-put emphasis on delegation decentralized and diffusion of power and information.

– need to change the hierarchical level.

-they appoint fewer managers with responsibilities.

-employee satisfaction


  1. Helping employee in achieving coaching and guided experience that are required fot organizational success.
  2. Allowing more control
  3. Providing successful role model
  4. Giving social reinforcement- giving encourage and feedback
  5. Giving emotional support


Perception of encouragement, self confidence, high value  to job increased use of talent.


  1. give authority equal to their responsibility
  2. tell people what are their responsibility
  3. set standards of excellence
  4. provide them training that enable them to maintain standard
  5. give them knowledge
  6. feedback on their performance


Organization culture , love for authority, attitude towards subordinate, feeling of subordinate.

Making organization empowerment effectively

  1. delegate authority
  2. participative decision making
  3. encourage self management
  4. create  supportive culture.

Enrich job

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