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How to write Project Report

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Guidelines for Summer Internship Project Report 



Project Work is the best way to practice what you have learnt. The purpose of including project report in the 2nd semester is to provide you an opportunity to investigate a problem applying management concept in a scientific manner. It enables you to apply your conceptual knowledge in a practical situation and to learn the art of conducting a study in a systematic way and presenting its finding in coherent report. As student-managers, you are constantly seeking information to base your decision. How well you collect, synthesize and make the data meaningful is what you learn through this process.


  • To expose students to the working of any organization and managers.
  • To relate the concepts learnt by the students to the working of the organization.
  • To work on a problem identified by the organization / student and thus understand the practical aspects of the working of an organization.



  • The compulsory project work shall be for a period of minimum of 60 days.(45 days in industry + 15 days report preparation)
  • The student shall submit 2 copies of project reports after the completion of the project work within a week.
  • The student shall seek the guidance of the internal guide on a continuous basis, and the guide shall give a certificate to the effect that the candidate has worked satisfactorily under his/her guidance.
  • On completion of the project work, student shall prepare a report with the following format.
  • The project report shall not exceed more than 45 pages.
  • The project report shall be prepared using word processor Viz., MS Word, Bookman Old Style with 12 font.
  • All the reports shall be printed in the A4 size 1” margin on all sides, 1 line spacing.
  • The report being submitted shall be hard bound with the title of college and month and year of admission.
  • The report will be given for binding only after Approval Certificate is issued by the Mentor and Coordinator Academics.
  • An undertaking by the student to the effect that the work is independently carried out by him/her.
  • The certificate from the organization.

Project Report Format

  • Cover page (Project Title, name of the student with roll no, name of the guide, Name and designation of the person of the organisation who has guided you , Name of the university & name of the institute along with logo)
  • Declaration
  • Certificate of Mentor, Coordinator Academics & Head of the Institute
  • Acknowledgement
  • Certificate from Industry

Contents of Project Report

PART-I (Introduction)

  • Executive Summary – should contain a brief explanation of the project.
  • Introduction to the concept
  • Objectives of the study

PART-II (Profile of the Company)

  • Industry profile(maximum 3 pages)
    • History
    • Growth
    • International and National scenario
    • Some prominent companies in the industry, their performance
    • Company profile(maximum 8 pages)
      • Background and inception of the company
      • Nature of the business carried
      • Vision, Mission and Quality Policy
      • Product/Services Profile
      • Area of Operation – Global/National/Regional
      • Ownership Pattern
      • Competitors Information
      • Infrastructural facilities
      • Financial condition
      • Achievement Award if any


Guidelines for part-II



Overall organization structure details – Board of Directors/functional head etc.

Substructure dealing with each functional discipline.



Classification of skill – detail the steps taken to impart necessary skills – on the job/off the job training.



Any one strategy adopted by the company should be considered to explain, “How it is implemented” e.g. – pricing/waste elimination etc.



System followed in any one department in the organization should be detailed.

Inventory control system / order execution system / Merit rating system etc.



Classification / Duties and responsibility of various groups of staff

Eg.: Technical / Supervisory / Clerical.


Shared Value:

Study of implementing shared value in the company by an illustration, where the company has implemented its stated objective.


Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of the Company/Organisation



Research Methodology (Maximum 8 pages)

  • List of Project/Projects assigned to you with Brief description (if assigned)
  • Theoretical background (literature review, related theoretical areas, etc).
  • Approach (This includes partitioning of the problem into tasks and subtasks, scheduling of these tasks over the training period, determining milestones to monitor progress, needed tools and equipment, and expected results).
  • Data collection and analysis (if applicable).
  • Model (if applicable).


  • Summary of findings
  • Suggestions
  • Learning Experience
  • Bibliography


Financial Statements (if applicable)

Questionnaires (if applicable)

Expectation from you

  • Be enthusiastic to listen, to learn, to talk
  • Be curious
  • Be honest
  • Show your integrity
  • Define your body language 
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