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Key basic points for Organizational Development

Understanding Organization:-

  • Organization like products and people have life cycle.
  • Corporate culture should be understood and should be looked at as a system.
  • Organization has to be understood and studied in totality. And should not be studied in parts.
  • The behavior of the system cannot be predicted from the behaviors of its parts. 
  • If there is too much top-down control, creativity and productivity will be stymied, and the organization will
  • Every action within the organization would create a reaction and every reaction would not be predictable. A small instrument of change can create lasting effects or no effects at all.

Points that influence Organizational development:-

·         Span of control


·         Authority

·         Responsibility

·         Delegation

·         Chain of command

·         Accountability

·         Line authority

·         Staff departments


Points towards Organizational Development:-

  • Purposes
  • Structure
  • Identification of activities
  • Departmentally organizing the activities
  • Classifying the authority 
  • Co-ordination between authority and responsibility 


Organizational Development Process:-

  • Diagnosis (address business, process and people issues)
  • Suggestions
  • Intervention and implementation
  • Feedback

Points to maintain the organizational process consistent:-

  • Monitoring
  • Auditing
  • Continuous Follow up

It is to be clearly remembered that at all times open communication with concerned employees and the stake holder’s needs to be maintained. Before any organizational development planning all the concerned should be taken into confidence and suggestions from all levels of employees should be taken into consideration.

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