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Acts of misconduct in organization

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1. Wilful insubordination or disobedience, whether alone or in combination with others, to any lawful and reasonable order of a supervisor.
2. Wilful slowing down in performance of work or abetment or instigation thereof.
3. Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the company’s business or property or the property of any other employees.
4. Non-observance of safety measures or rules on the subject put upon the notice board or failure to use safety appliances or interference with safety devices or fire-fighting equipments.
5. Giving false information regarding one’s name, father’s name, age, qualification, details of previous service, address etc. at the time of securing employment.
6. Refusal to work on over time if so required by the management.
7. Entering or remaining in the work premises without permission, beyond duty hours.
8. Habitual late attendance or late attendance on more then 4 occasions within a month or leaving pf work before the scheduled time or absence from place of work without paper permission.
9. Habitual absence from duty without leave or without sufficient cause or absences without leave three times or more in a period of six month.
10. Transfer of identity card, medical card, bus pass to another person or frequent loss thereof.
11. Taking or giving bribes or illegal gratification or indulging in corrupt practices.
12. Assaulting, abusing any employee or officer of the company within the work premises.
13. Smoking or spitting in prohibited areas notified by the management.
14. Wilful damage to or loss of company’s goods and property.
15. Carrying directly, indirectly (a) money-lending business. (b) Other private business without the written permission of the management or having any financial dealings with persons of firms etc.having business relations with the company for the sale or purchase of any materials, equipments or supply of labor, if any for any other purpose.
16. Striking work or inciting others to strike work in contravention of the provisions of any law or rule having the force of law.
17. Sub-letting the quarters belonging to the company.
18. Habitual breach of any standing order or any law applicable to the establishment or any rule made there under.
19. Contracting another marriage (while wife is still alive) without first obtaining the permission of the management notwithstanding that such subsequent marriage is permissible under the personal law for the time being in force.
20. Failure to report the fact of making an application for insolvency within 3 days.
21. Refusal to work on a job or a machine, which does not call for any special skill and previous experience and can be done by the employee without adversely affecting the service conditions.
22. Frequent repetition of any act or omission for which a fine or censure may be imposed.
23. Manufacturing or attempting to manufacture unauthorized articles within the work premises.
24. Hiding away or attempt to hide away any articles or materials of the company.
25. Doing work in other concerns without prior permission of the management.
26. Entering work premises without identity card and/or badge on his person without obtaining permission at the gate.
27. Unauthorized disclosure or communication of any information or matter in connection with the company’s business.
28. Obtaining any benefit under a false pretext, or by making false statement.
29. Intentionally giving false information prejudicial to the interests of the management.
30. Refusal to undergo training as decided by the management.
31. Proxy punching of attendance of other employees/workmen.
32. Wilful disfigurement, destruction or alteration of any record of the company.
33. Bring in premises, possession or use of alcoholic drink or drugs.
34. Sleeping during working hours.
35. Refusal to accept charge – sheet in accordance to the standing orders.
36. Abetment or attempt to commit any of the above acts of misconduct.

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