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Role and work flow of the Human Resources Department

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Role and work flow of the Human Resources Department

A.    Recruitment and Placement

–          Plans for the organization’s short and long term manpower needs

–          Gets requests from various HODs of their manpower needs

–          Selects the candidates after various recruitment process and places at a suitable position

–          Finalizes the compensation

–          Conducts the document verifications

–          Conducts induction, training program

B.     Performance Evaluation

–          Designs procedure for evaluating the employees performance

–          Conducts the evaluation program periodically i.e. either quarterly or half yearly

–          Monitors the self-appraisal, supervisor’s appraisal, HR appraisal and provides the feedback to the appraisee

–          Conducts the managerial staff performance evaluation

–          Evaluates the technical and general tools of the employer performance

–          Recommends to the management regarding financial/ non-financial beneficiaries, training needs – technical / non-technical, employee retention and actions

–          Makes employees to work with great satisfaction

C.    Training and Development

–          Plans and manages the training programs on regular basis for the employees on technical and interpersonal skills as per the organization needs

–          Conducts the regular follow up of the training program needs

–          Plans and manages the in-house and external-house training programs

–          Makes arrangements for knowledge sharing

D.    Compensation and benefits

–          Manages the balance between the organizations financial strength and employee expectations, performance and the market value

–          Encourages the employees performance by providing various financial and non-financial benefits

–          Controls the employee attrition rate

–          Monitors the employee job satisfaction levels

–          Monitors the employee social needs and status

–          Preparation of salary statement and salary slips

E.     Personal records, attendance and punctuality

–         Monitors employees all in and out movements: leaves and absents

–          Maintains all types of employee personal records

–         Acts according to the HR policy

F.      Working Environment and Welfare measurements

–         Making arrangements for team work culture

–         Creating good working environment like work place, lighting, ventilation, A/C, refreshments, software and hardware provisions, transportations, communication systems, relaxation programs, handling grievances, personal attention i.e., celebrations and other needs

G.    Change Management

–         Making arrangements for up-to-date knowledge to the employees according the industry levels

–         Suggesting various changes to the other departments for the organization development

–         Making every employee accountable to the organization

–         Making HR department as helping tool for everyone

H.    Individual recognition and development

–          Having one-to-one discussions, periodically

–          Analyzing the expectations of the employee and sharing the expectations of the organization

–          Placing the right person into right place by using various systems

–          Maintaining regular rapport with all the employees

–          Assuring the employees for their better development

 I.       Periodical Reports

–          Monthly status report of the Department (activities, status, plan of action)

–          Monthly budget report – expenditures and fore-cost

–          Salaries

–          Recruitment

–          Career Development

–          Welfare (Food, refreshments, relaxation, communication & transportation)

–          Administration (Security, House-keeping, Power & Stationery) (5th of every month)

–          Salary statements – last working day of the month

–          Salary slips – day after issuing the salaries

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