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Employee Engagement Activities

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Employee Engagement Activities/initiatives

  1. Family Day
  2. Outdoor Sports – Cricket, football, volleyball etc
  3. Coffee with GM communication forum.
  4. Face to Face with BU heads, functional heads – communication forum.
  5. Diwali celebrations
  6. Independence Day, Republic day – flag hosting.
  7. Ganesh Chaturthi – Dept wise aarti’s can be planned.
  8. Traditional Day
  9. Birthday anniversary celebrations
  10. Marriage Gift vouchers.
  11. Anniversary bouques to spouses.
  12. Training session for sharing skills.
  13. Navratri celebrations – Dandiya event.
  14. Workshops for women like – make up, cookery show, weight loss/gain.
  15. Quiz competitions
  16. New year party
  17. childrens day celebrations/fancy dress competitions
  18. Singing – Antakshri competitions.
  19. Bay/Cubicle decoration competitions.
  20. Indoor games – carroms, chess, badminton, Table tennis.
  21. Food festivals
  22. Essay competition – where the topic may be chosen from the Industry.
  23. Outbound training programs
  24. Power Yoga classes.
  25. Health Check up.- dental check up camp
  26. Blood donation camps.
  27. Employees kids competition.
  28. Introduce fun board in your floor shop, so your employees can pin up their Colleagues candid pics, posters, their paintings, hot news, fun news.
  29. Celebrate “One Thing Change day” wherein we have asked employees to do one noticable change in them, it be their dress, style, voice tone, greeting style etc.
  30. No vehicle day – Go Green.
  31. Holi celeberation.
  32. Organizations birthday celebrations. (date of commencement)
  33. Bulk Mailers – Thought for the day, Did you Know, Birthday & anniversary mailers.
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